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2019 Pinot Noir
Ten Fold

The wine world in the past decade has taken a closer look at clones, especially in Pinot Noir. Much like a Golden Delicious or Honey Crips are to apples, 667 and Pommard are just some clones of Pinot Noir. Each of them has a desirable trait we seek out for our wines and each one is unique.
The common practice has become one of isolating clones to highlight what they bring to a wine but very few talk about what happens when they're all combined. I often equate it to cooking with all your ingredients, since we know they each bring something special. Clonal selections or massale selections are a combo of different clones to craft a complex blend that is balanced and brings elements of each.


2019 Harvest was an extremely prolific and healthy crop; lots of grapes, juicy, succulent and bursting with flavor. Because of this, many growers in our area had surplus grapes to sell at an unheard of price so of course, Guy Davis took advantage of this great opportunity and snapped up grapes from some vineyards that we would not usually have access to. So, in addition to our usual Dutton Ranch, Soul Patch, Sexton Valley, etc., Pinot Noirs, we have even more Pinots than ever! No one Pinot is better than any other one, they are all flavorful and unique and their variations make for a wide diversity of flavors and complexity.


Guy took his 10 favorites and isolated them, then crafted this ultra Reserve Pinot. Because we had choice barrels from each of these vineyards and 10 different clones, we are calling this incredible Pinot Noir "Ten Fold", The Best of the Best.


A "Super Extreme" version, if you will, of our regular Russian River Pinot Noir.